Incoming students - Erasmus+ (EN)


Application procedure:

Erasmus+ enrolment at the Faculty of Transport WUT:

  1. Check if your home institution is on the list of Erasmus+ Partners. The list is available here.
  2. Contact Erasmus+ coordinator at your university and follow the application procedure in your home institution.
  3. If you are a PhD student, please contact us before taking the next steps.
    (if you are nominated for Erasmus+ enrolment):
  4. After a nomination letter from your home institution we confirm your mobility by the Acceptance Letter.
  5. You are obligated to send us before May 31(in individual cases the deadline may be extended) scanned copies of confirmed documents:
    • Student application form (you can use a form from your university or this one)
    • Transcript of Records from your home university with the grade scale
    • Learning Agreement signed by a student and the Erasmus+ Coordinator at home university
  6. Hard copies of all documents must be delivered when the enrolment is started.
  7. Organize your accommodation in Poland (for more details see Accommodation)
  8. Currently, the Faculty of Transport doesn’t offer:
    • final projects for Erasmus+ students
    • internships in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme
  9. If you are interested in Polish lessons check the offer of the Foreign Language Center, WUT
  10. You are obligated to be present at the Faculty on 1st October 2021.

If you are interested in staff mobility for teaching or training, please contact us directly.


Courses currently offered in English:

A list of courses offered in English at the Faculty of Transport embraces a variety of subjects corresponding to the transport science.
The offer of subjects for students incoming to the Faculty of Transport WUT »


Visa formalities and insurance:

A student from outside the EU should check if she or he needs a visa to study in Poland. The accepted exchange students should receive the acceptance letter from our Faculty, which may be used to support their visa application. A student should arrange visa for his or her studying period in advance.

For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The detailed information for students from the EU is available here.

The information about health insurance may be found on the website of the National Health Fund and Medical care and health insurance.


Grading system:

Grading system of the Faculty of Transport, WUT (PL WARSZAW02)

Percentage of goals achieved 
 (percentage of points)
100% to 91% 5 (five or „very good”)
90% to 81% 4.5 (four and a half or „above good ”)
80% to 71% 4 (four or „good ”)
70% to 61% 3.5 (three and a half or „fairly good ”)
60% to 51% 3 (three or „satisfactory”)
50% to 0% 2 (two or „fail”, the grade 2 shall be equivalent to the non-completion of a given course by a student)


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